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Why you’re going to see temporary Pop-ups popping up everywhere this summer

Why you’re going to see temporary Pop-ups popping up everywhere this summer

A ‘pop-up’, in this context, is a temporary retail space which offers companies a ‘here-today-gone-tomorrow’ sales or marketing environment to showcase a brand or product in a ‘trial size’ platform. Being such a short term venture, a pop-up offers up relatively low-cost opportunities for a company to take some creative risks, have a bit of fun, generate some buzz and introduce their brand to new audiences.

It’s a kind of low-commitment advertising platform which allows emerging brands to experiment a bit with their retail options and, at the same time, create an immersive experience for potential customers without signing up for a ton of overheads involved with a permanent retail location.

To take advantage of the ever evolving shift in shopping behaviours of the general public, brands are increasingly embracing the brave new world of high-tech, high-concept experiential pop-up shops. The retail transformation we’re seeing where consumers are moving from in-store to on-line and prefer experience and interaction with a brand is not just a passing fad, but a by-product of  brands evolving to meet market demands. Continue Reading

Get more engagement with interactivity. 10 interactive ideas for your next exhibit.

Get more engagement with interactivity. 10 interactive ideas for your next exhibit.

Getting people to connect with your brand these days can no longer be achieved with just visual prompts such as signage and advertising, you need to think about encompassing all the senses. To really engage your audience, your brand needs to create an authentic and memorable ‘experience’. The aim of the game is to promote an emotional response in your audience creating a brand affinity. You need to get interactive!

The experiential connection in the physical world builds a devoted following which, in turn, has proven to drive sales and retain brand loyalty.

Here are 10 interactive ideas for your next exhibition stand which will help to engage your audience:

1. Touchscreens
As with every other element of your exhibit, the technology you use should help your visitors interact and engage with your brand. Giving visitors a tactile prop provides an instant connection. You can use touchscreens to capture lead data, provide information or display a sales presentation ….or even just for fun – such as a quiz or competition.

The best interactive trade show ideas will often appeal to a competitive nature, so offer up a ‘high-score’ prize or set a challenge which involves on-going collaboration giving you the perfect opportunity to contact your leads again after the show.

2. Prize wheels
Not only are you appealing to a natural, human competitive behaviour with something like a prize-wheel, it also provides a feature – especially if large and colourful and enhanced with lights & sounds. It can be real drawcard if you have a good ‘spruiker’ to build excitement and engage the crowds. Make sure at least one of the prizes is worth winning ( – and have a backup in case it does get won on the first attempt!)

3. Guessing Games
Another oldie-but-goodie is the ‘guess the jelly beans in the jar’ competition. Try and relate it to your brand or product, for example, if you sell coffee; count the coffee beans.

Don’t be afraid to go large if your product is something like sporting equipment; you could have a bin full of tennis balls or make it a feature such as part of a wall filled with running shoes.

For people to enter, they need to leave their guess along with their contact details – so it’s really just a fun way of collecting lead data.

4. Large scale 3D Reproductions
Australia just loves huge scale replicas (… Big Banana, Big Lobster etc.) It’s quirky and it’s a bit of fun….but it’s memorable! Particularly if it can be interactive such as the giant mobile phone or like the Telstra Touch tab we created a few years ago showing the different apps available. Just the motion of turning the dials is so much more effective in communicating the message than if it was just a 2 dimensional print

5. Functional Working Displays & Equipment
Hands on experience trumps all when it comes to buying decisions. It’s not always obvious how a product works or what it’s capable of without seeing it in action. It depends what you’re selling obviously, but wherever you can, make sure you have enough space on your stand for live demonstrations. Once your visitors witness firsthand how something works, they will be far more likely to part with their money.

6 . Professional Demonstrations
Brochures and promotional items are nice, but nothing sells a product quite like a convincing demonstration by a professional. Professional demonstrators will showcase your product with a bit more zest and it’s often worth the extra spend to hire someone specifically for the occasion. It also leaves you and your staff free to do the real work of collecting leads and making sales.

7. Live Celebrity Appearances
Whilst not exactly ‘interactive’ as such – hiring a celebrity as a motivational keynote speaker will have an emotional impact on your visitors. If you can align your brand with someone people admire and respect they will, in turn project those same feelings onto your brand.

Professional entertainment agencies can let you know who might be available and it will certainly pump up your attendance.

8. 3D Printing to Order
Exhibitors at trade shows have been using 3D printers to draw crowds in such areas as car shows, boat shows, jewellery trade shows and food and cooking demonstrations. Showcasing how 3D technology can be creatively utilised in different areas can be both entertaining and engaging for the observer.

One of the more appealing and fun uses we have seen being employed is the creation of ‘mini-me’ personalised dolls.

9. Responsive Triggers
Shelves which light up when a product is lifted, floors which change colour as they’re walked across, robots who talk to passers-by, speakers offering up information when approached…. technology is offering up endless opportunity for responsive and automated ‘reactions’ to engage your visitors.

10. Photo Opportunities for Social Media
Like it or loath it, social media plays a big part of the world of advertising these days, so might as well jump on board the bandwagon and get people snapping and posting pics of your stand on their own social media accounts. Whether you plump for an old fashioned photo booth, an eye catching backdrop or just some 3D props and scenery, getting people to take photos and post on the WWW is a great way to get some free advertising out there.

Need more ideas? Contact Exhibitionco today and let us come up with something original and engaging to put your brand in the spotlight at your next event.

Attract more visitors to your exhibit by ‘borrowing’ some tricks from the retail big brands

Attract more visitors to your exhibit by ‘borrowing’ some tricks from the retail big brands

Sony Store in Christchurch, NZ – by Exhibitionco

The tricks employed to get your brand noticed and remembered ahead of your competition is not that different across the retail and exhibiting environments. Whether you are in a shopping centre, at a trade show or even browsing on-line, the ‘hooks’ to get you interested and engaged with a product or brand work pretty much the same in every environment.

It’s really all just psychological mind games. Brand marketers are trying to make consumers react, think and respond in a certain way. When done well, this kind of ‘mind manipulation’ can be hugely effective and create brand loyalty for life. ( ….of course, on the flip side, a badly thought out campaign can be disastrous!)

The aim of the game is to make a person think a certain way without letting them know they have been manipulated. The larger players in the brand marketplace have always played with our subconscious using subliminal messages in their advertising. Ideally, they want to get to the stage where senses and reactions are triggered by the simplest of symbols and signs. A logo or icon for instance, which creates, not only instant recognition, but evokes positive emotions. This method of advertising relies on the theory that most of the decisions we make are subconscious. Subliminal messages draw attention to displays without shouting about the brands …and more importantly without having to shout about the brands.

Brands and stores want to turn shopping into an immersive and feel-good experience. After all, they’re competing with on-line shopping in the comfort of your own home. It’s no longer just about affordability and applicability, it’s about identifying and aligning oneself with a certain perceived image or ideal.

A huge trend at the moment is personalisation – think Vegemite, Nutella or Coca Cola. Allowing people to own their very own version of something has been an inspired idea. Even if just temporarily – it makes a person feel more connected to the brand if it has their name on it.

Another trend we’re beginning to see more often in advertising is the use of technology such as holograms. Made famous in the “Back to the Future” franchise – it is now becoming a reality. Nescafe recently used hologram technology to showcase the ‘modern art’ of making coffee. Throw in a smell of freshly made coffee and it’s pretty hard to ignore!

Other in-store gimmicks include vibration-activated shelf lighting which is turned on when a product is picked up.

Large grocery chains have experimented with romantic mood lighting and even varying temperatures to entice shoppers.

So what does all of this have to do with exhibiting at trade shows?

The point is we can borrow and steal some of these ideas:

  • Personalise your giveaways. Something as simple as a pen or glass with a quick engraving would be easy to achieve. It feels more like a personal gift than just a generic giveaway, and people will be more likely to remember where they got it.
  • Shelving or displays which react when a product is lifted will engage your audience, creating an interaction between product and customer.
  • Keep graphics simple. Use subtle, subliminal messaging rather than shouting about your products with over-the-top signage.
  • Use back-lit graphics or displays for highlighting a product or message.
  • Engaging all the senses including smell and taste if / where possible is always a great way to attract passersby.
  • Use of lighting to create a certain mood and evoke emotions is a crucial part of a well-designed exhibition stand.
  • Holograms are becoming much more common in the display business and there are many companies in every city supplying a service to create holograms for brand logos or products or even people.

Next time you’re out shopping, have a look around at what the big brands are doing; see what draws attention, what showcases a product well. Look at lighting, shelving, advertising – and don’t be afraid to ‘borrow’ some ideas which could enhance your exhibition stand at your next trade show.

Or, as always, give us a call on  02 9972 1900 and challenge our creative team to come up with some great ideas for your next exhibition stand.