15 helpful insights to include in your brief so we can design the perfect exhibition stand for you.

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When we start the design process for a new exhibition stand there are always some standard questions we will ask. The more information we can gather, the better we can understand your business, your target audience and your goals for the event – and the more we understand you, the better chance we’ll have of being able to design and configure the perfect exhibition stand for your brand.
It may seem like a lot of information but the more we can get sorted at the initial stages, the easier the whole design process becomes. When you’re adding space for storage or changing the floorplan to fit a ‘meeting area’ after the first design draft the whole process can become time consuming – not to mention expensive!
We want to avoid that as much as you do. We have been at this game for over 30 years now and know very well what all the pitfalls are, so to avoid any issues down the track – and to give ourselves the best opportunity to design a stand-out exhibition stand for you, here is a list of 15 things to think about when sending in your brief.

1. Who Are You
Briefly describe your company; tell us what you sell, how you sell it and to whom. Give us a general outline of your; products, services, staff and customers.
2. What is Your Marketing Objective
What is your reason for being in show – Is it a branding exercise or are you displaying a new or existing product.
Define what your main objective is. Is it to make sales, build relationships or keeping up with competitors?

3. Who is Your Target Audience
Who are you looking to attract to your stand? Define your target demographic as best you can. The more specific you can be – the better we can focus our design to suit and attract your ideal customer.

4. Provide Branding
Provide us with your company logo, corporate colours and any taglines you use.
Include any sub-branding – such as product names & product information.

Provide as much branding material as you have – brand guidelines/graphic files/PMS colours/brochures/web link.

Define your preferred look and feel – stand theme/colours/finishes.

Feel free to use descriptive words such as; youthful, corporate, conservative, diverse, established, funky etc.
Provide as much reference material as you can such as photos of previous stands or events – tell us what worked, what didn’t – what you liked, what you didn’t.
(Images of other spaces that you like the look of can be very helpful.)

5. Know Your Product Specs
Send us a rough footprint of the product you want to display – and any links so we can actually incorporate a true representation into our design .
(Let us know if anything will need to be powered.)

…and other considerations

6. How Will You Interact
How many staff do you intend to have on the stand and what is their role?
Think how attendees will interact with your staff and your brand. Will it be a demonstration, a hands-on experience, a competition, a social media incentive, touchscreen or even a recurring ‘special showcase’ at certain intervals throughout the event. We can offer suggestions if you are unsure.

7. Define Your Floorplan and Flow
Have you thought about how your space will flow? Think about what your main draw-card is and how you want to showcase it. Tell us how you want people to move through your stand.

8. Welcome Area – How will you greet your attendees?
Do you need a counter or more of a discussion area ( – or even an entrance feature if you have the space?)

9. Do you Need a Seating/Meeting Space
Choose a style that will suit your clients/staff conversations ie: will this be a private area, or a relaxed lounge area, café tables and chairs or just a bar table and stools.

10. Storage
What will you need to lock away …and how much space will you need?

11. Flooring
Does the flooring need to be raised to distribute power cables neatly underneath?

12. AV Requirements
Will you require AV – screens?

13. Rigging & Lighting
Tell us what you’ll need in the way of lighting or any rigged banners etc.

14. Catering
Do you intend on having any catering in your space? If so will you require a fridge / coffee machine / space for platters?

15. Budget Restraints
Probably shouldn’t be this low down on the list – but let us know what your budget is and if there is any wriggle room.

Obviously if your budget allows and space permits you can request any optional extras on top of the list here.

Just be aware of any design restrictions for a particular venue. Our designers will work within venue limitations anyway – but be prepared for adjustments if and when needed ( – just in case you want a 4m high banner but the height limit of a venue is 2.4m!)

We can advise on exhibition height limits, venue height restrictions, rigging facilities, loading and venue logistics and any space regulations for any overhead branding if you are unsure.