Laws of attraction. We show you 6 ways you can boost your visibility on the trade show floor.

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1. Think outside the ‘box’

Just because your floor plan is defined as a square or rectangle doesn’t mean your exhibition stand design needs to adhere to the usual square or box shape. If you want to stand out from the regular exhibition stands around you try using unusual angles or shapes. Anything which catches the eye and looks slightly incongruous will challenge the onlooker and become a point of interest. This will make your stand more noticeable and more memorable.

Try and look at things from a different angle!

2. Create an optical illusion

Anything which creates a slight optical illusion or makes the onlooker do a double take will create impact. Holograms jumping out into the 3D space, structural design which plays with perspective, projection mapping or printed images continuing across different planes all spark curiosity which, in turn creates intrigue and inquisitiveness.

Sometimes making people work a little to get the message can be a very effective marketing ploy. A bit of a riddle, illusion or something which requires processing by the brain will immediately involve the onlooker as participant and instigate an instant engagement with your brand…and that in turn, will make you more memorable.

3. Don’t waste floor space on boring old flooring

It’s an unfortunate truth these days that a lot of people walk around heads down, staring at screens as they move about the place. So, why not take advantage of our insular behaviour by using your floor space as a graphic canvas!  It also creates a great overall visual impact for your whole stand. Print your message or branding or just something eye-catching on your floor.

Graphic materials offer many options of non-slip, fully-removable self-adhesive print media for carpets, tiles or even concrete. A very effective use of graphics can employ the ‘optical illusion’ from our last point by continuing the same image across the different planes of wall and floor creating a fully immersive space.

4. Make lighting a feature

Stand designers are well aware of the power of lighting. Using certain colours and intensity, lighting can evoke different moods, highlight a specific object or area, create focus or even just become a feature in itself. With the progress of AV technology, options are endless. Highly effective sound-responsive or interactive lighting features can be easily incorporated in your overall stand design to great effect.

5. Get creative with materials and textures

Industrial and organic textures are very popular at the moment and particularly on trend is mixing seemingly incongruous textures together such as metals and live greenery, wood and concrete, reflective and high gloss surfaces with matte and brick finishes.

The use of cheaper materials such as cardboard, ply-wood and MDF are also very popular and even making the raw appearance and finish of such materials a feature of the overall showcase.

Not so long ago it was all about hiding all aspects of construction such as joins, hinges or handles and to make everything look as seamless as possible. Now it is all the rage to make any inconsistencies in the structure integral to the design itself. Even highlighting and exaggerating construction elements creating the overall visual impact of ‘Industrial Chic’ – is right on trend!

6. Be theatrical! – Turn your stand into a set

Create a ‘set’ rather than just a stand. Combine the whole thing into an experience to fully immerse your visitors. If your product is generally used in a business environment, why not create an office space to showcase your brand in its natural environment!  Print the walls, print the floors, use all senses, put on demos – create an entire ‘scene’ not just an exhibit.