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The Importance and value of Post Trade Show Evaluation

The Importance and value of Post Trade Show Evaluation

For many businesses, exhibiting at a trade show means a flurry of activity for the couple of weeks leading up to the event, followed by a crazy 2 or 3 days of intense networking, selling and brand pushing to as many people as possible in a very short space of time. All this followed by a huge sigh of relief when it’s all over!

However for those with a ‘Grand Plan’ it’s really only the beginning of the process. Now is where the real work starts; in evaluating the event, tracking and nurturing leads and converting prospective buyers.

Methodologies for measuring the event’s success can include evaluation techniques as simple as observations and feedback (from both your own staff and your visitors) or more calculated results based on ROI and ROO. But one of the most important factors in being able to evaluate your trade show success is having very defined goals and event objectives at the outset. Continue Reading