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Throw in a healthy dose of fun on your next exhibition stand

Throw in a healthy dose of fun on your next exhibition stand

Some trade shows, in industries such as fashion, gaming or food, can be really fun events to attend, both for the exhibitors and visitors. They attract huge crowds and draw people in with demonstrations, interactive games, competitions and gimmicks. On the other hand, when we think of trade shows in the finance sector or engineering or energy – we don’t necessarily think “Fun”!  ….but there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t exhibit with a healthy dose of fun at these events.

Throwing a bit of playfulness and interactivity into the mix, when you’re showcasing a product or brand, is a great tactic to make sure people remember you. Any kind of interaction between your customer and your product will establish a connection and in turn will encourage brand loyalty.

Whether you opt for the traditional competition, interactive game or a product demo ….. or go for something a bit more creative, you should embrace the power of fun and games to engage your visitors.

Here are 5 fun ideas to engage your audience;

Everyone Say “Cheese”
With today’s ‘INSTA’ obsessed generation, photo booths or a themed backdrop are a great way to get social media traction. Add some props, have some fun, make it post-worthy and make sure your logo or brand is present and visible … and you will get images pasted over various platforms circulating free advertising to all your visitors’ contacts.

Don’t just walk on, walk through.
Make the basic action of walking through your exhibition stand an experience in itself. Get creative with lighting, sound, signage – even augmented or virtual reality to really immerse your visitors. Obviously it depends on the product but you can get really inventive with a walk-through space.

Create a new reality.
Maybe you don’t have the floor space for a photo booth or walk-through, but with all the new advances in technology these days it’s not even an issue. You can create your own space using virtual reality headsets. You can create a new reality where your stand is the biggest in the show! You can even project the images seen through the headsets onto screens so everyone around can be part of the action.

Virtual Reality at Trade Shows
Virtual Reality at Trade Shows

Think outside the box.
Create a ‘set’ rather than just a stand. Combine the whole thing into an experience to fully immerse your visitors. If your product is generally used in a business environment, why not create an office space to showcase your brand in its natural environment!  Print the walls, print the floors, use all senses, put on demos – create an entire ‘scene’ not just an exhibit.

Create a ‘set’

Jump aboard the Fitness Fad.
We discussed “Sweatworking” as a bit of a trend previously, but why not go one step further than just a place to exercise.  Give your attendees the opportunity to make something happen using the power generated by pedals.  Anything which is usually powered by electricity can be dynamo powered. You could generate power for lighting… highlighting a product or spelling something out. You could power a moving part or object which showcases your product. Make it as easy or a difficult as you want – just the physical interaction will be memorable for the ‘peddler’ and an entertaining spectacle for any passers-by.

Generally speaking, when you say the words “trade show promotion”, people think of giveaways such as mugs, ballpoint pens and other throwaway corporate items. Next time, why not think outside the box? Giveaway a great memorable experience instead!

Call us at Exhibitionco today and we will help you come up with something fun and original to engage your potential customers at your next exhibit.