Attract more visitors to your stand by employing a little bit of emotional persuasion.

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Marketers and advertising agencies have been playing with our emotions for a long time now. We’ve all seen the emails or ads which tell us that ‘NOW’ is the only conceivable time that we will get a chance to secure the latest and greatest gadget or gizmo which will, in turn improve our lives immeasurably… and we’ve probably all fallen for it at least once!

What they are doing is playing to the very human emotion of ‘FOMO’. Rationality and logic are not even part of the decision process. We may try and incorporate them into our thought process; ‘If I get this now, then this will happen and that will result in….’ etc etc.  Fact is, the decision has already been made – we are just trying to justify it with some kind of warped logic. Our critical mind is trying to find evidence to support our emotional decision (… and an emotional decision will trump a logical one every time!)

Many decisions we make daily have pros and cons with no obvious or rational way to decide one way or the other. Should we have the cheese or ham sandwich?  Will we have orange juice or apple with lunch? ….but what is it that makes us decide which way to go? Often we will make a decision knowing it is not necessarily the healthiest or cheapest or most convenient path to take – but we’ll take it anyway. Reason has outlined the pros and cons but our emotions have guided us in a different direction – and that is the direction we will inevitably follow.

Without emotion, we wouldn’t feel compelled to make a decision one way or the other, no matter how much information we are given about the importance of our actions. We will even make a decision based on the potential of something, rather than hard dry facts of what it can do for us now.

Keeping all this in mind, we must not forget that, in business – even when selling B2B, the contact with product or brand, still begins on a personal level. It is still a person who will make the decision whether to buy from you, or your competitor, and that person will be influenced by their emotions.

In the scope of exhibitions and trade shows, we are not suggesting that you use the “buy-now-or-else…” tactic. I think most people are well aware of these types of advertising tricks and will try to avoid the hard sell as much as possible. However, it is certainly worth taking into consideration the influence that emotions will have in the decision making process of your stand visitors, and factoring this in at the design stage of your exhibit could give you the competitive edge you’re looking for.

So, some things to consider:
What will make someone stop at your stand?
How can you influence your prospects so that they regard your brand with positivity?
Why will they choose to buy from you rather than a competitor?

It‘s no secret that even basic design choices such as colour can evoke certain emotions. Countless colour psychology studies have been done by some of the world’s largest brands as part of the process of brand identity. Companies spend thousands on getting that exact shade of blue which will garner the correct emotional response they’re looking for.

For instance, fast food restaurants often have red in their logos evoking hunger, excitement and immediacy.  Many finance, insurance or medical companies will have a blue logo. We identify blue with emotions such as trust, confidence and assurance.

Brand managers and marketing professionals know very well the importance of communicating emotions in branding. If you can get your prospective customers to ‘feel’ a certain way about your brand or your product, then you are halfway to closing the deal.

As exhibition stand designers, we have many effective tools at our disposal which can influence the emotions of the trade show attendee. We know how we can manipulate moods by adapting environment. We can effectively use colour, space, shapes, signage, lighting …and even involve other senses such as smell, taste and touch if the subject allows, all in the name of evoking the right kind of response from the trade show visitor.

We want your prospective customers to experience that certain feeling….the one where they know they are in safe hands and they’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t matter whether they can identify exactly what made you stand out from your competitors, as long as the emotional connection is made and the ‘trust’ has been established.

Leaving your prospects with positive emotions about you and your brand will be far more effective, when it comes to any business decisions, than if they were to walk away with a give-away bag and a cheap pen!

“Logic makes people think but emotion makes them act” Alan Weiss

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