8 top Tips if you’re planning to Launch a New product at a Trade Show or exhibition

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There are many reasons to exhibit at a trade show. Maybe you are a small start-up business wanting to establish a position in your industry. You might be trying to enhance your brand presence. Maybe you’re just ‘Keeping up with the Jones’s to stay a valid competitor. Whatever the reason, don’t let your focus become clouded with mixed messages.
So, if you are launching a new product, stay focussed:

1. One event, one objective.
If you are attending a trade show to launch a new product, then make sure this is your entire focus for the event. All the pre-show marketing and advertising should revolve around the launch. Whether you choose to keep the finer details hidden for an ‘unveil’ or let people know exactly what it is you’re releasing into the market, don’t detract from your one message with “….we also sell…”. People can find all that out of their own accord if they wish to do so.

Interactive gaming for Ubisoft at PAX Gaming Expo

2. It’s not all about you.
As all marketing professionals know, when it comes to communicating a brand or product …. It’s not about you, its’ all about your target market. From the initial ideas and design of the product, to the launch and on-going sales, everything should be geared around your audience. It’s not about what you can build or provide – it’s about what your potential customers need or want. That’s what drives sales.
(The trick, of course, is making people believe that ‘what they need or want’ is the very thing you can provide!)

3. Know your audience.
It is crucial that you can clearly define and identify your target audience, and in order to communicate effectively with them, you’ll need to get to know them a little. Your target demographic should define your voice, your language, your stand design, your colour scheme…. even your staff uniforms and giveaways. A genuine and authentic connection with your customers is one of the hardest things to get right, so be prepared to spend a little time and money on researching this.

4. You’re solving a problem… know what it is!
If you’re going to convince people they need what it is you’re selling, you’ll need to know ‘why’. What is the problem you are solving? Make sure you have a deep understanding of the challenges your customers face and how you are essentially coming to their rescue. Explaining this to them is your selling point. You are providing a solution to a problem which will make their lives easier. This should be your focus at the show.

Product display for Plantronics by Exhibtiionco

5. Choose the right event for your brand.
Not all face-to-face marketing events are created equal. Audiences vary depending on show size, show type, location and whether it is geared towards a B2B audience or general public. Do your research and know which shows your target audience are more likely to attend. Also consider the size of the event – you don’t want a small brand to get lost at a huge event which has a lot going on. However, you will want to gather as many leads as possible, so weigh up the pros and cons – and decide whether you want to make sales or collect leads and which show would give you the best opportunity to do so.

6. Find the intrigue.
Try and avoid being too predictable. Steer away from the usual formula and find an original way of introducing your product to the market. Focus on your endgame and work your tactics backwards from your ultimate goal. If you’ve defined your key audience well, you should be able to define what will attract their attention and engage their interest. Get creative and give your prospective customers an experience to remember.

Backlit product display by Exhibtiionco

7. Be social.
Social media can be one of your most powerful tools when launching a new product. If done well, you will encourage conversation, create interest and build excitement. You can even do all this without giving away too much crucial information. This will build suspense around the ‘big reveal’ at the show which will make sure you have an invested audience at the launch. Make sure you post details on when and where the launch will take place and offer incentives, such as competitions or giveaways. Even if you’re not planning an ‘unveiling’ as such, you can still use social media channels to create a buzz around your appearance at the show.

Exhibition Stand by Exhibitionco for Neopost

8. Get a great exhibition stand designed for the event.
Having the right exhibition stand to launch your product is essential to success. When designing your space, make sure the product you are launching is front and centre. You’ll need enough room to showcase the product but also allow room for people to move around. Think about lighting and any technology you could use to help focus and engage your visitors. If you need space in order to demonstrate your product in action, then make sure you book a large enough floor-space for the job.

Let your exhibition stand design company know that your focus is your product launch and they will be able to offer up ideas on how you can best utilise your space with this objective in place.

If you need an exhibition company who will get to know your brand and help you reach and engage your audience, call Exhibitionco today on 02 9972 1900.