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Regardless of the size of your exhibition space – there may be one very important and easily adaptable area which you are overlooking… Flooring!

It doesn’t always get the same consideration as the walls or furniture or lighting. Often flooring is assumed to be a fairly un-influential element of your exhibition stand which just gets walked on and doesn’t get noticed all that much.

The reality is that flooring is the only exhibition element that covers every inch of your space. Your floor area is a blank canvas offering up plenty of opportunities to enhance your branding message. It can provide critical aesthetic impact, plus it can have a positive influence on the volume of traffic drawn onto your space.

Graphics added to flooring can offer that little bit extra whether your intent is to add branding, ambience, flair or impact.

In the hustle and bustle of a busy exhibition hall, it’s often difficult to envisage exactly how your brand is going to stand out but, when done correctly, your little piece of flooring can get you noticed for all the right reasons – it can draw people into your space and provide an overall experience and visual representation of your products and brand. It can be the “face lift’ your space needs – It will create mood and ambiance and it will elevate your exhibition space to the next level.

It doesn’t need to be expensive either. Perhaps you already have a pre-existing floor that is looking tired and worn – could it use a good clean, or a bit of a lick and a polish? Does it need to be updated or renewed? There are things you can do on a basic level that will convey the right message about your company and won’t cost the earth.

Let’s say that you hire your carpet tiles – perhaps consider replacing some of those tiles with branded tiles (that you can keep and reuse). Simply using different colour floor tiles to break up the space to make it appear bigger will work in the right situation. In some cases you could consider mimicking the aisle carpet tiles which creates a seamless space for attendees to “cross over into” – and voila, you have instantly made more of an impact.

Raised laminated floor (which can be rented or owned) can have removable graphics applied. You can tie in the floor to walls and even continue the same image across both planes. This will increase the overall visual impact tenfold and draw and direct the eye of the audience. Non – slip graphic materials are becoming cheaper and more varied all the time so it won’t cost the earth to achieve an effect like this.

Floors for thought
Floors for thought

Designers know that flooring is a very important part of the overall impact of your stand and they will put a lot of thought into this element of the design. If you are looking for a sleek and modern look a black floor can provide a good looking backdrop to your display. Accents of added colour and light can highlight and bring focus to products on display.

Asgard at FPA
Asgard at FPA

If you don’t want to go as far as graphic flooring, there are many creative floor options to consider, depending on your budget and requirements, from artificial turf through to interlocking rubber tiles, vinyl and timber flooring to LED lights either under, in or around the floor space to give it a “floating” feeling.

Naturally there are both benefits and significant pitfalls to keep in mind when choosing trade show event flooring – and if you are going to get noticed due to your floor – pause for thought and make sure you get noticed for the right reason.