Offer up some form of interaction which showcases your brand and makes it memorable

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• Exhibition halls are stimulating – create an ‘experience’ using as many senses as you can.

• Offer food and drink if it’s a viable option – with a place to rest and re-charge.

• Graphics can make the design – look for a distinction which sets you apart.
For example; create an optical illusion. It’ll be memorable ….and a great conversation starter!

• Make use of innovative lighting displays

• Create interactive spaces to test products on the stand

• Hire touchscreens with interactive effects.

• Consider the use of Holograms, Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality.

• Include a feature that your visitor has to move/press/touch to get a reaction or some kind of reward.

• Give your visitors the ability to interact with your website or download your app during the exhibition for extra features.

Don’t forget:

• It is imperative you have your best sales people on the floor. They should be aware of your company’s strategy and goals for the event and also be completely comfortable within your stand and be informed of any features, special offers or giveaways. They are representatives of your brand at all times during the event.

• Make it fun for your team ….maybe even run a competition for them, so they get a reward in return for going the extra mile.

• Learn from your competitors – take the time to walk around the show and see how others are doing it.
See who’s attracting the crowds …. and why. (make notes for next time)

• Trade Shows are not just about making new customers but also networking with others in your industry. Take the time out to connect with influential brands or businesses you may be able to benefit from or team up with.