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For Sydney siders, probably the most visible and obvious use of ‘Projection Mapping’ that we would all have seen, would be the lighting and visual effects thrown onto prominent buildings around the city during the Vivid festival in May/June each year.

In short – ‘Projection Mapping’ is a technique using specific software and other projection technologies to warp and blend images so they fit perfectly on irregularly-shaped “screens” – which can be anything from buildings & interior spaces to objects or even natural landscapes. The technique uses everyday video projectors which map light onto a chosen surface, turning common objects of any three dimensional shape into interactive displays.

The projected image is mapped in such a way that it interacts with the geometry of the projection surface and space – you don’t need to make physical changes to the structure of the target object. The projected image will mask and change the look and visual shape of what you are actually projecting onto.

The result is that practically any surface can be changed through dynamic visuals, throwing the onlooker into a ‘virtual’ world using the illusion of colour and light.

This kind of projection technology is certainly not a new thing but it is fast growing. The growth and popularity of any developing technology eventually makes it more affordable and accessible for smaller players to utilise. And ….as with all technology, just add a little creativity and its use can be adapted to all kinds of projects. As it becomes more main stream, imaginative minds worldwide are exploring how it can be applied in more accessible and affordable ways.

The “wow-factor” of a relatively simple light projection technique which can transform any object and which creates such a strong visual impact delivering a memorable experience for the audience makes this technology hugely appealing to advertising and marketing creatives looking for a new angle to showcase a product or brand.

When done right, the transformation of the audience’s reality into illusion through light and image offers up infinite possibilities. The theatrics it can create will build curiosity, engage the viewer and really bring a message to life. It is capable of creating an illusion so encompassing that it becomes immersive.

This immersion in the virtual space makes it an ideal tool for advertising, branding, conferences, exhibitions and trade show presentations. Displays and products themselves can become the projection surface creating amazing and magical optical illusions. A visual experience such as this can deliver your marketing message like no other medium.

Within the trade show environment the technology can be applied along with sound and other effects to create an all encompassing, dazzling display that people will enthusiastically share through social media channels. When that happens – you get to extend your advertising dollar way beyond just the people who are physically present. Creating something which is sharable on social media these days is a marketer’s dream!

Why not try something different at your next event. There are several companies around Australia offering up projection mapping services. Added as a feature to your next exhibition stand or trade show event, you would be the talk of the show.

For more creative ideas on how to stand out from the crowd give Exhibitionco a call and talk to one of our dedicated account managers.