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Have you been using the same exhibition stand for several years….. Is it beginning to look a little dated? Maybe it’s time for a whole new stand for your next event.

If you are considering shopping around for an exhibition company to design and build, here are some of our tips:

#1 Quality will be remembered long after the price is forgotten
When shopping around for exhibition stand designers and builders there is obviously a price factor involved in the decision. However, as with everything we buy, don’t sacrifice quality for those extra few bucks. Make sure your chosen designer has the experience you’re looking for. Check with previous customers. Look for testimonials from other businesses and check out their portfolio to make sure they have the skill set and creativity to envisage the kind of stand your brand needs.

(Take note of which stands you liked at a previous show, which you thought were attracting an audience and which were most successful…… then ask the exhibitors who their designers were.)

#2 Build Lasting Relationships
A good designer will want to know as much about your company and products as possible. They will need to familiarise themselves with your brand and services before they even contemplate putting pen to paper (….or hand to mouse!). You should expect questions and a conversation about your expectations and goals for the event so make sure you have these firmly set out before you embark on the process.

A great exhibition stand partner should be as familiar with your product and services as your own employees and will become a vital extension of your own marketing team.

#3 The Devil is in the Detail
Smart finishing will turn heads. Sometimes it’s the small things which may cost a little more which make all the difference to how people relate to you and your brand.

Extra details like LED under bench lighting, raised flooring, fitted carpets and mounted ipad stands may seems small, but these finer points all contribute to creating a positive and engaging customer experience, helping to position you ahead of the competition.

#4 Cut Costs. Keep Corners
Spend your budget wisely. Splurging on fancy but ineffective gimmicks such as expensive freebies or coffee and juice is not always a great idea. It may make you a popular place to be for a rest stop but unless you’re getting some great leads which will later convert to sales, your ROI will suffer!

Instead challenge your exhibition stand designers to come up with something new and innovative that can yield better returns. Focus more on fresh and unusual ideas to get people to your stand and engage with them. The more unique, the more memorable you will be.

Contests and games have traditionally been appealing ways to draw in and engage a crowd, but technology is offering up new and exciting ways to make engagement easier and more interesting.

Consider options such as virtual reality, augmented reality or touch screens. Give your visitors some way of interacting which is entertaining and rewarding for them. Anything people can touch, try out and experience for themselves will be far more memorable than just seeing a display or hearing about a product.

#5 Stick to a Cohesive Brand Message
During the design process there are often many changes and updates. There can be several people in the command chain who want tweaks here and there. Sometimes focus can get lost trying to include too many products or mixing the core brand message.

Decide from the outset what your focus should be for the event; whether it’s to launch a new product, showcase a best seller or just build your brand. Whatever your intention, stick to that one message, undiluted across all platforms associated with your event and make sure your exhibition stand design reflects and communicates the same message.

Keep on track, stay focussed and deliver a cohesive brand message.