So many products on offer, but not enough room to display it all

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So many products on offer, but not enough room to display it all

It has been speculated that the average trade show visitor will spend less than ten seconds evaluating an exhibition or display before either choosing to walk away or step inside to learn more about what you have to offer.

If your space is overly cluttered with just too much going on, your message will get lost and your visitors will find it too overwhelming and difficult to process and make the choice to walk away. You absolutely need to convey your one, focused message in those first crucial few seconds.

You need to make your visitor feel comfortable and at ease with stepping into your space. Once they’ve had a look around and hopefully stopped for a chat – you want them leaving you with positive, clear and memorable feelings about your company and brand.

Always remember that your visitors have often taken time out from a busy schedule to attend the event. If they do take the time to stop at your stand, it’s imperative that you offer them a good experience.

Imagine when you walk into a retail store which has lots of items on offer, it can be sensory overload if not properly planned out and made obvious where you should look first. It’s the same for your visitors. Make sure there is a good ‘flow’ of your products so they know how to navigate your product on show. The flow needs to allow for easy access by visitors and be straightforward for your sales staff to showcase or highlight any necessary products.

Ensure you have enough space for attendees to walk around your displays with ease. Allow for gaps in between small products sitting side by side. Don’t clutter! If things are too chaotic, it can be too much to process and your prospective customer may walk away without having gained a clear message or understanding of your brand. You may have exactly the product they were looking for, but if they can’t find it, you’ll lose a customer.

An exhibit overflowing with products will act as a barricade inhibiting access and interrupting traffic flow. It can also make your wares look cheap. People correlate the over cluttered look with dollar shops and flea markets!

If you have a hero product, single it out and feature it on its own display unit – let it make an impact. Consider a product demo; a well-timed demonstration can be extremely effective in stopping traffic, engaging prospects and leaving a lasting impression.

If you do have a lot of smaller to medium items to showcase, they can still benefit from a simple minimalist approach. Group a few related products together by framing them or using a specific product prop. Staggered risers can also give order to varied merchandise. Draw attention or to highlight your product’s functional appearance with LED illuminated shelving.

Consider showcasing your items in video on a screen or using graphics rather than trying to have every single product on display. Or wall mount and label smaller products putting them at eye level.

Most importantly make sure your exhibition stand is functional for your purpose. Design something specifically to showcase your product and your brand. Establishing an orderly and engaging exhibition space with a focus on eye catching design will help to create an emotive connection between your trade show visitor and your products.

Talk to your exhibition stand designers to see how a well-designed exhibition stand can make all the difference to your ROI.