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OK – so I’m not talking about the human-like-robot-slave-at-your-beck-and-call kind of AI, I’m talking about Artificially Intelligent computer apps which can be used to analyse and process information much quicker and more precisely than humans. I refer to the kind of ‘AI’ we can program to recognise a certain type of behaviour or pattern, then process the information and learn from the results, adapting accordingly and finally outputting highly refined data.

AI is already being used all around us. (Cars are probably the most obvious adaptation with new models being released, all with varying degrees of AI built in such as cruise control which automatically adjusts to slower cars ahead.) We are all aware, if not already using, facial and voice recognition in some form or another.

This is the AI version of our senses observing the world around us.  Once an observation has been made, the next step in the thought process is understanding or comprehension. Then it’s the processing of the incoming information and the applying of logical rules along with comparisons of programmed or stored data to evaluate the information. The final step is to take action ie: make a decision on the processed information and act upon it.

A computer program processing results can soon ‘learn’ from its previous decisions as to whether a positive or negative outcome was achieved and adapt future decisions accordingly. This constant learning and adapting is at the heart of artificial intelligence (…if it had one!) The speed at which a computer can process data means that it very soon outruns its human counterpart in accuracy, celerity and efficiency.

So how does all this tie in to your next exhibition or trade show?

American exhibitors are already using software apps such as ‘Spiro – an ‘AI-powered CRM with a built-in personal sales assistant’ to great effect at trade shows.  All interactions with prospects and customers are automatically logged within the software and it effectively uses artificial intelligence to better qualify the lead potential of a visitor to your stand by querying the visitor’s profile with your database of buyer personas and sales history. It keeps track of all your prospects and intelligently recommends which ones to call or email. It uses artificial intelligence to automatically create, update, and manage a sales pipeline, and offers proactive recommendations about which prospect to contact next ……. and the best time to call.

(As an extra incentive or just for fun the Spiro app comes with seven different assistant personalities you can choose from including: R-Rated, Coach & Gossip Girl!)

Other software such as ‘Conversica’ (“Artificial Intelligence will help you find your next Customer”) offers an AI-powered sales assistant that functions like a human sales assistant. It reaches out to every lead via email and engages them in natural, back and forth conversation in order to discover your most qualified sales opportunities. Automated technology such as this is a huge advantage for companies who collect hundreds or thousands of leads at trade shows. The sales assistant can make contact within minutes—freeing up your on-site sales reps to focus on more promising or ‘hot’ leads.

(The extra incentive for this one apparently is that it is a sales assistant who never calls in sick!)

‘Crystal’ advertises on its home page “See Anyone’s Personality”.  It urges you to learn about your contacts in order to improve your communication with them. It again gathers information made available to it and creates a character analysis based on its learnings.  It outputs a personality outline of your contact which can be utilised to great effect in improving post-conference communication. Wouldn’t it be easier to engage with a new lead if you had some insight into their personality and habits?

The incentive for this one? ……… it’s free. Give it a try!

Pepper the Robot. This photo was taken by one of our team at Euroshop in Germany earlier this year and shows “Pepper” collecting and collating visitor information at the trade show.

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