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In the last few years we have seen huge leaps and bounds in the development of graphic reproduction and print technology. Any one of us can now take extremely high resolution images from our smart phones and with the right hardware reproduce high quality prints direct onto almost any material.

When designing an exhibition stand we are all well aware of how important graphics can be and designers and exhibitors alike know that covering huge areas of wall space with visually effective images can really draw people in and strongly reinforce a message or brand.

A new trend we’re seeing a lot more of lately is extending the ‘graphic canvas’ over the floor area of the exhibition space. New versatile substrates and printable media are being developed constantly and we now have many options which allow for easy application to floor tiles and /or direct printing to the substrate itself such as lino, carpet or non-slip vinyls.

One revolutionary new floor media suitable for a wide range of flooring surfaces both indoors & outdoors is TexWalk. Indoors it can be applied to low pile carpet, lino, timber etc. It has a built-in textured non slip surface which does not require an over-laminate. This keeps the price down and complies with health and safety rules & regs. It is easy to install and can be removed without leaving residue. It is a fantastic option for temporary floor decals. There is also an outdoor version of this media (- you can check out our case study on Luna Park here to see how we converted the concrete piazza into the grass and stones of the League of Legends game world.)

Another new release is called G-Floor; a commercial grade vinyl flooring product that is cus­tomisable with grand-format solvent and UV printers. It is a 1.9mm thick extruded clear PVC which has great durability and versatility, more so than conventional floor vinyl graphics. It is printed to the reverse / underside so the print is protected by the media itself. There is no adhesive necessary and it can be installed free floating using carpet edge trimmers or wall to wall. The real advantage of a media such as this is that it can be rolled up at the end of the show and re-used at another venue or even back at the office.

A further option for your floor graphics is a product called ‘Digicarpet’; a fire retardant, printable carpet for promotional or corporate branded displays. Same as the G-Floor it can be rolled up and used over again in areas such as office foyers, pop-up point of sale and trade show displays.

All floor print medias are specifically designed for foot traffic so are non-slip & health & safety compatible without the need for over-laminating. The ability to extend huge graphic areas to cover flooring as well as walls offers up many possibilities for a fully encompassing visual experience.

“Don’t just create floor graphics, create graphic floors.”

Ask one of our Account Managers about printable floor graphics options and how you could use them to enhance your exhibition stand or experiential marketing project.