‘SWEATWORKING’ – Probably Coming to a trade show near you soon!

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‘Sweatworking’ – Another one of those great descriptive portmanteau words which has appeared in the last few years. Meaning; working out whilst making contacts and discussing business.

OK – so this trend started in America (…yes, really!) but is it going to take off in Australia?  In the States, events, exhibitions and trade show floors have apparently become the ideal stage for Sweatworking Clinics and Wellness Rooms. Exhibitors are providing exercise bikes or yoga mats, ‘chill-out’ rooms with healthy drinks and snacks instead of lounges and bars. People are meeting and discussing business in lycra instead of suits, sipping green tea instead of wine…… and by all accounts, it all seems to be a great success.

If you’re looking to exhibit any time soon it might be something worth considering. Obviously it’s not going to suit every kind of exhibitor but certainly for the health and beauty shows (of which there are several) it would seem like a great idea. Yoga mats is a pretty easy one to set up, but you could also look at some exercise bikes or rowing machines and perhaps an instructor to offer regular training sessions each hour. Running or walking machines are always a good place for a chat – or you could offer headphones with a bit of a sales ‘spiel’ for easy listening whilst your health conscious prospective customers get their daily exercise.

Many businesses are looking towards fit friendly work sites. Here at Exhibitionco, we are in the process of re-designing our office space to incorporate stand-up desks. (OK – it probably doesn’t mean we will all be up for a marathon any time soon, but it’s a step in the right direction.) It seems that workers around the world are making health and wellness a priority in their lives and the idea of being able to keep fit and healthy whilst at work is one that is only going to grow in popularity. Why wait ‘til 6pm to go for a work-out when you can integrate keeping fit into your 9-5?

So for all exhibitors out there looking for something a little bit different and a way to build traffic to your stand, why not jump on the ‘keep healthy’ bandwagon and include a sweatworking area as part of your exhibition space. Give your potential customers a place to relax, wind down or keep fit as part of their busy show schedule. You could even add a competitive edge to incentivise people and offer reward for achievement; such as a special offer for anyone who can complete a 2km run the fastest. Not only will they thank you for it – but they’ll remember you for it too!

We’re full of great ideas to set you apart from your competitors. Call us today and let’s start on your next event.